Full Coverage of Your Entire House

Extend the working range of beeSecure System

BEE-REPEATER serves to extend the transmission range within the Zigbee network. Whenever the distance between the smart devices and the BEE-HUB is bigger than 20m, users can add Bee Repeater in between to extend the transmission range.

Double the Connected devices

Each repeater can connect up to 16 mix of BeeSecure Devices. Together with Bee-Hub you can connect 32 devices in total.

BeeSecure repeater is simple plug in
Bee-hub doubles the connected devices to 32

BEE-REPEATER is ideal for

Multi-Floor House

Use additional BEE-REPEATER at each floor of the house to reach the most stable connection

Office building

Use additional BEE-REPEATER where needed to connect with more BeeSecure devices

Weak connection

Use for spaces with too many interferences in between the BeeSecure hub and devices, e.g. walls , ceilings



Power Supply: AC220V/50HZ
Average power: <0.3W
Working temperature: –10~50°C; humidity: 10%~90%, no condensation
Material: ABS/PC
Protocol: ZigBee
– BEE-HUB is required , purchase separately