A Smart Home is Helping Senior with Their Independent Living

Smart Home| 14 May 2020
With connected home system and smart devices installed, a smart home can help taking care of our beloved elderlies with their independent living. By equipping our seniors with the BeeSecure smart tech today, we are building them not only a smart safe space but also a caring home!
During the coronavirus outbreak, it is suggested not to visit our eldly parents to prevent exposing them to infection. The fear of them falling or being unable to carry out daily routines safety are often driving factors to consider facilitating their home with a safer and smarter assisstance.

Safety always comes the first. The number one technology you need to consider having is a home security/alarming system. The security alarm system nowadays can not only protect the senior people from danger, but also makes their life much easier.

A Simple Solution with BeeSecure Smart Security System

The BeeSecure Smart Security system can monitor the entry events, such as door or window status and motions – triggering a notification to the family members or a caregivers if there is an unwanted move (or lack of it). The code enabled smart lock BEE-LOCK P1 can save the seniors from forgetting the key or unable to open the door for the caregivers due to the loss of mobility. By equipping our seniors with the smart tech today, we are building them not only a smart safe space but also a caring home!

Smart Sensors that Cares

With compact size and completely wire-free design, that allows you to place the BeeSecure smart sensors at hundreds of places at your home with a thousand ways of usage. For example, place the BeeSecure door window sensor BEE-DWS at the cupbaord where your eldly parents keep their tablets and get notified if it has been openned (or not). The smart sensor also learn your routine, wake up with you and send notifications only when you need and want.

Don't Give Fire a Chance

Disasters such as fire, is a major concern for elderly people living alone. With BeeSecure Smoke Detector, you and the authorisers will not only receive push notification at danger of fire. It also allows you to carry out a automatic self check via the smartphone to prevent any potential risks from a malfunctioning device, or mute the siren when it is proof to be a false alarm.

Keyless, Worry Less

The BeeSecure Smart lock BEE-LOCK P1 offers a number of advantages for those aging in place. By using the BeeSecure app, they or other authorisors can grant specific people access to the house at specific time/period—such as caregivers, or neighbours who help with grocery—and there is no need for them to use a physical key or download the app.