Interview with Steve Williams,
Sales Director at Kenrick

Inspiration| 16 June 2020
BeeSecure met Kenrick, a UK-based hardware solution supplier specialised in window and door systems, at MLA Exhibition 2019. As a traditional security hardware supplier, Kenrick has been actively stretched their business scope with interactive DIY smart security products. After a few months continuous discussion and testing, Kenrick and BeeSecure established partnership in June 2020 and became official BeeSecure distributor for UK & Ireland market. Steve Williams, sales and marketing director at Kenrick, gives his views on the BeeSecure smart home security system.

BeeSecure: Describe your company to us. What is Kenrick's core business?
Steve : Kenrick is a UK-based supplier of hardware solutions for PVCu, aluminium and timber window and door systems. The company has a proud heritage spanning more than 200 years, having been established by Archibald Kenrick, who manufactured buckles and livery fittings, in 1787.
Our range of products includes the market leading Excalibur multi-point locking system, the four-point Centurion system and the Easyfit and Espagnolette locking systems.

BeeSecure: How will smart technology add value to the UK window industry?
Steve : Kenrick has many years' experience in the supply of traditional hardware to the UK window industry and smart technology is a natural progression for a modern era. Today's consumers embrace technology and smart home security technology has the potential to transform the way they live – making home entry easier and more convenient, whilst guaranteeing them the highest levels of security.

The industry is ready to get on board with new developments like smart technology. Forward-thinking fabricators and installers can enter the 'smart market' and upsell windows to the homeowner by demonstrating the many benefits of smart technology. Adding a smart home security system to their offering will help fabricators and installers to differentiate themselves within a competitive market and win more business.

BeeSecure: Do you think the consumer is ready for smart home security technology?
Steve : We have spent many months researching products and testing the market and we know that the consumer is ready for this advance. The market has evolved at a rapid pace and more homeowners than ever before are looking for smart solutions to make their lives easier and more efficient than before. Busy millennials and families rely on technology, and they in particular will drive demand for products like BeeSecure to enhance the way they live.
We've been very impressed with BeeSecure and we know from our own trials that it works very well indeed. Sophisticated and adaptable, it is a future-proofed solution that can be managed anytime, from anywhere. We would recommend it.
Steve Williams
Sales Director, Kenrick
BeeSecure: Why have you added BeeSecure products to your range?
Steve :The market is constantly changing and technology will play a huge part in our future lives. It is vital to keep pace with developments and, as a business, we want to be at the forefront of the UK industry by bringing security innovations that deliver everything the homeowner wants. BeeSecure is an exciting development and we are sure demand will be high when it is launched in the UK.

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