BeeSecure App Progress and Road Ahead
BeeSecure News | 11 May 2020
Compared to our first edition (V1.0) back to Nov 2018, BeeSecure App now supports in total 6 languages (English, Dutch, Spanish, German, French and Italian, More are on the way!) with much enhanced features and more diversified products.
Since the establishment of BeeSecure in 2017, we are dedicate to continuously improve BeeSecure and are creating features and smart devices that facilitate your daily routine. In addition, we received so many support and suggestions from our distributors/resellers and users on how to enhance the BeeSecure experience on a daily basis.

With the great help of our business partners: Nauta Security BV (Netherlands ) and BAS-IP Solutions (Spain), we are happy to announce that BeeSecure are now available in French and (Improved) Spanish!
BeeSecure was established in 2017 with ambition to establish the connected secured home for everyone. After one year hard work and dedication, BeeSecure team successfully deployed our own business cloud on AWS, two prototypes of BeeSecure Smart Lock (namely P1 and F1) and launched our very first edition of BeeSecure app V1.0 at App Store and Google Play.

The past 16 months after the initial launch, our team released 23 udpates, from the smallest button display to features which can facilitate your daily route in a brand new way. Up to now, BeeSecure App supports 6 smart devices in 6 languages, with a lot of new amazing features, including Share devices , Schedule Group Notification Rules, Easy Code Sharing….

Major BeeSecure App Updates
V1.0 Nov 2018
Support 2 prototypes smart lock: F1 (Fingerprint ) and P1 (Code)
V1.7 Jun 2019
Product profile expands to 6, including motion sensor, door window sensor, smoke detector and vibration sensor;
App available in Dutch and Spanish;
V1.9 Nov 2019
Group and device share to allow collaborations;
Customizable scheduled notification for multiple users
V1.11.3 Apr 2020
Enhanced temporary user creation for BEE-LOCK P1 and easier code sharing;
Available also in German, French and Italian;
Other Improvements
But that's not all. We have planned on many other greater optmizations that will lead us to a real Smart Home experience and remain yet simple. For example this includes a customizable automation rules , when the smart lock detects invalid attempts, it will trigger the external siren. We are even more exciting about our development of Motorized Smart Lock which can be remotely lock/unlock from your app are closing to its final version.