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Yes. The BeeSecure hub is a core device to establish the communication between other smart devices and the App. Therefore, if you need to view the status of the device or receive live alerts, you need to purchase the hub separately and download the App.

Although the movement sensor can detect the movement of the object, it could be too sensitive (depending on your settings). Movement sensor cannot tell whether the door/window is closed or opened but the door and window sensor can.

The Door and Window Sensor can only detect the open/close status of object. We suggest you to attach a movement sensor, which can detect the movement/vibration of the object.

The BeeSecure App will trigger push alerts when the battery is low.

Please place your sensor out of easy reach and as high/hidden as possible


  • Check if the hub is still online. If not , refer the answer of last question;
  • Check the sensor message and if there were recent “Low Battery” reminders, replace your device battery;
  • Test your sensor by open/close your door and window and see if instant status message/notification will be triggered.If not, it indicates that the device is disconnected with hub, follow the steps to pair with the device and hub again.
  • Check if your sensor is still online; If not, follow the instructions of above questions
  • Check if your notification is switched on, also ensure you do not have any group which include the sensor, executing scheduled disarm task

If you delete the sensor via the app, you will lose all historical device data and name which were stored at BeeSecure cloud