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If you want to manage your devices remotely, you will have to buy BeeSecure hub separately. The hub establishes the communication between devices and the APP. Make sure you add the hub first before you add other devices.

The average working range between hub and other devices is 20 meters. It depends on the network operation environments. Walls and ceiling can impact the distance

Check the hub LED light to identify the failure:
1. If the LED light is not flashing when plugged in : Long press the hub button for more than 3 seconds to reset it. After that the light will blink blue automatically.
2. If the LED light constantly blinks during the whole process of adding the hub :It means the hub does not receive the Wi-Fi configuration via the app, possibly due to the Wi-Fi router failure, please check if the router is switched on
3. If the LED light at last step lights in constant blue, but the app indicates that it failed to add the hub:
It means the Wi-Fi configuration has been sent to the hub , but the app did not receive the confirmation from the hub, please check if the wi-fi network is stable

Each hub can connect up to 16 devices and can be extended to 32 together with BEE-REPEATER

BEE-REPEATER , in this case , is ideal. It can extend the communication range between the hub and device by double.

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1.Confirm the step in which the APP failed to add and check the blinking status of the indicator light. For example, if the hub has been blinking blue during the process of adding, it means that the hub has not received the Wi-Fi information sent by the APP, which may be caused by the router. Please check whether the router is switched on.

2.If the indicator light is in constant blue but the App still shows fail to add. The reason may be that after the App connects to the hub hotspot and sends the Wi-Fi information, it does not receive the confirmation from the hub. Please check whether the network is working.

  1. If the indicator light flashes in blue, it means the hub is disconnected from the Wi-Fi connection. Please check whether the Wi-Fi has been turned off, or whether the username, password and other configurations have been modified.
  2. If the indicator light is in constant blue, it means the hub is disconnected from the server. At this time, you have to short press the button. If the green light flashes, it means that the hub program is working normally, otherwise it means that the hub is crashed.

If the hub is crashed, you have to re-power it. If the hub is not crashed, wait a few minutes to see if the hub goes online. If it’s still offline, please check whether your network is working normally.

  • Reset the hub by long pressing the button for more than 3s.
  • Release the button, you will see the LED flashes in blue now

For Android users, the system requires the location setting to retrieve the available Wi-Fi list.

  1. Confirm whether the hub is online. If not, please refer to troubleshooting “Hub Shows Offline”.
  2. Confirm whether there is a low battery alarm. Please replace the device battery if necessary.
  3. Manually trigger the sub-device to see if it goes online and generates data report. If it is not online, it means that the ZigBee network connection has been disconnected and the device needs to be paired again.

A. The hub is ready to be paired and the indicator light flashes in green. App shows the device has been added but the hub indicator light still flashes in green.

  1. Confirm whether the hub is online. If not, please refer to troubleshooting “Hub Shows Offline”.
  2. If the device has joined the network, please check if there are other hubs nearby. It might be that the device has paired with another hub.
  3. The device and the hub are not paired successfully, please pair the device again.


B. The device has joined the network but not displayed on the App device page.

  1. Check whether the device is connected to another hub. If so, you have to disconnect it and then pair the device with the new hub again.
  2. Confirm whether the hub is online.
  3. It also may be network delay. Please wait for a moment and then refresh the App homepage.

Check your Wi-Fi router settings.Currently we only support Wi-Fi with 2.4G and radio type 802.11 b/g/n, check your Wi-Fi setupthrough:
For Windows -> Device Manager-> Network Adapters;
For Mac: Click Apple Icon at top left corner->System Report->Wi-Fi under Network.
BeeSecure does not support simultaneous dual-band Wi-Fi router or router without password. Wi-Fi password can only use ASCII character, therefore, no Chinese or special character
If your Wi-Fi setup matches, check you have the latest version of BeeSecure App installed.

  • Check if your network connection is stable;
  • After confirm from both above, reset your hub by long press for 3 seconds, and try to add the hub

Always update the hub firmware to the latest version. After click update, the hub LED light will flash blue in fast mode , then light in constant blue to indicate update succeed. If you fail to update , try again manually from the hub setting.

  1. When upgrading the hub, the indicator light should be like: blue and green lights flashing alternatively for about 3 seconds. Then blue-green lights briefly light up and stop flashing, and soon the lights will flash again until stop.
  2. If the upgrade fails before you see the blue-green lights blinking alternatively, this is an error in the process of version checking. Please make sure the device is connected to an available network.
  3. If the blue and green lights blinking alternatively but the upgrade still fails in this process (within 3 minutes), then this is an error in the process of downloading the new version. Please check your network as well as whether the version checking service is turned on (link: Access and download via mobile phone or computer.
  4. If the upgrade fails after 3 minutes blue-green lights blinking, it is a download timeout. Please check your network status.