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You can place the sensor on valuable objects, e.g. safe, expensive painting/collections… you can also place it on the windows, so if someone breaks your window, the sensor will trigger an alarm and notify you on your mobile.

BEE-OMS offers 3 sensitivity levels, Low-Medium-High which can detect movement from a knock at the surface of the object to intensive damage or movement to the surface of the object. The examples listed below should give you a better idea about each level
– Low: detects very intensive shakes or damage at the surface of the object, e.g. someone strikes to break your window
– Medium: detects average movement or vibration at the surface of the object, e.g. someone carries and moves your safe or a heavy knock on your window
– High: detects subtle movement or vibration, e.g. someone wearing high heels walking by your safe or gentle knock on your window
Please test the levels to find the best setup for your needs and adjust it. For example if you go on holiday and you don’t expect any motion in the house, you can change your sensor sensitivity as high.

Please place the sensor in a hidden area, e.g the back of the object, to prevent the intruder to rip it off. If you place the sensor inside of the safe, or places with weak/unstable signals, test it multiple times before you ensure the sensor can function normally.

The sensor will trigger a notification every 30 seconds to avoid constant notifications regarding to the same movement


  • Check if the hub is still online. If not , refer the answer of last question;
  • Check the sensor message and if there were recent “Low Battery” reminders, replace your device battery;
  • Test your sensor by open/close your door and window and see if instant status message/notification will be triggered.If not, it indicates that the device is disconnected with hub, follow the steps to pair with the device and hub again.

The process should take no longer than 20 seconds. If it fails, check the network stability and try again

If you delete the sensor via the app, you will lose all historical device data and name which were stored at BeeSecure cloud

Always update the hub firmware to the latest version. After click update, the hub LED light will flash blue in fast mode , then light in constant blue to indicate update succeed. If you fail to update , try again manually from the hub setting.