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1. How many language does BeeSecure App have?
Currently BeeSecure app is available in English, Dutch, Spanish, German and French. We will release more languages in short future.

2.Can I and my colleague/families register different accounts to manage the same devices?
Yes, you can invite your truested ones to co-manage your devices by sharing with them your devices. They need to register a seperate BeeSecure account

3. Do I have to buy BeeSecure Hub to manage my devices?
If you want to manage your devices remotely, you will have to buy BeeSecure Hub separately. The hub establishes the communication between devices and the APP.

4.Will I still receive notifications when I am not using the App?
Yes, you will keep receiving notifications unless you manually log out your account from General Setting. Sometimes you are requested to login again, because the operating system will kill inactive apps time to time but you will still receive notifications when the alarm is triggered.

5.If I lost my phone, can someone else take control my home by using BeeSecure App?

No. BeeSecure will request you to input your login information again after the app is not being used for a few minutes.

6.Can I login my account from multiple mobile devices ?
No. You will be automatically logged out when you log in your account from a new device.

7.I don't want to receive notification , what can I do?
To turn off notification for all devices, you can go to Mine-> General Settings-> Message Settings -> Device Alarm. To switch off notification of a specific device, you can select "Alarm Off" at device page

8. Can I run BeeSecure App on my tablet or PC?
Currently, BeeSecure App is only available for smartphones (iOS/Android). We are planning to release web version soon.

9. I log out from my account, does it mean that I have to add all devices again?
No. All connected devices and setup will remain the same whenever you log in the App.

1. I don't receive my verification code, what to do?
Check your junk mail. If you still don't find the system email with verification code, click get again to try.

2. What if I forget my password?
At the login page, click Forgot Password. Follow the instruction to reset your password.

3. Can I ask the system to remember my password so I do not need to input my password every time when I use the App?
You can activate TouchID by Mine->General Settings->TouchID

1. Why do I need to create a group?
By grouping multiple devices, you can easily one click to set up the notification rules, which applies to all devices within the same group according to your schedule.

2. I create a task/schedule for the group, from 9:00-18:00 during weekdays. How can I temporarily switch it off for today when I work at home and how will it impact my schedule?
You can manually switch off the arm button (next to the scene name), and remain the task as on. What will happen is that the system will manually disable push notification for all devices of the group. Since the task is still on, the group will be armed again from the next day 9:00 again (if it is work day)

3. Can I create multiple groups and what will happen?
Yes, you can create as many groups as you want . For example , you can create group1 and select all devices for the daytime, 9:00-18:00 during the weekdays when you go to work. And create another group2 by selecting only devices of downstairs during your bed time , 23:00- 7:00 (next day). What will happen is that you will receive notifications of all devices from group1 during 9:00-18:00 on weekdays , and notifications of devices from group2 between 23:00-7:00.

4. I am on holiday and I want to arm all my devices 24*7 until my return. What should I do?
If you already created a group with all devices at defined schedule, you can switch off the task button and switch on the group arm status. After your return from your holiday, simply switch on the task again.

5. I created a group to arm selected devices from 9:00-18:00 everyday, my wife goes home at 15:00 . What she can do to disarm the group?
You can share your group with your wife . The group will appear at her group page, she can one click to disarm the group. The group will be armed again automatically at 9:00 next day. Besides arm/disarm, your wife can only view the group details.
1. I disabled Notification setting , will I stop receiving devices messages?
No. The system will stop sending push notification about the devices, but all device status will be recorded in the message log.

2. Will I receive notifications of all devices status ?
No. BeeSecure will only push you device status with higher importance, which we expect your next action. For example, low battery, the smart lock is blocked due to too many invalid passcode attempts…. However you can view the complete status log from Message page

3. Can I export the message log?
Yes , you can go to Message , then select the device and select export at top left corner. You can input the email address that you want to send the device records file to .

4. Can I export the message log?
Yes . Go to Message , then select the device and select export at top left corner. You can input the email address that you want to send the device records file to .

1. Can I share my device to more people?
Yes, you can send at most 20 share requests

2. What if the shared person disarmed my device, will I be notified?
All actions operated by the master or shared user will be recorded in the device message log and visible for all users. You will receive a notification if someone disarm the device.

3. As a shared user, what can I do with the device?
You can co-manage the shared device, except to rename the device. Please read the sharing instructions for more details

4. Can I share a group to another user?
Yes, by sharing the group with specified user. You will share all devices within the group to that user. The user can co-manage each device and one click to arm/disarm your group. Any update you do with the group will be synchronized to the shared user as well, for example you add or delete a device from the group

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