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I am the owner of an Airbnb apartment. Do my guests need to download BeeSecure app to access the apartment?
No. You can simply send the code together with the valid access period/time to your guests via WhatsApp/Email/SMS
Do I have to buy a BEE-HUB to use the BEE-LOCK P1?
You can use the BEE-LOCK P1 in standalone mode and manage your lock/user locally on the lock. However, you cannot set up the lock from the app, for example add/delete users via the APP. Also you cannot receive any instant notifications to your mobile.
What are the differences among different types of users?
The BEE-LOCK P1 supports 4 different user levels, the functionalities for each type are as follow:
- Master User: initialize, add passcode for other users and him/herself, change own passcode, add user, delete user, activate open mode, deactivate open mode, connect the lock with the hub, disconnect the lock with the hub, and control of BeeSecure App.
- Secondary User: add own passcode, change own passcode, add user, delete user, activate open mode, deactivate open mode.
- Regular User:
a. With permanent access: add own passcode, change own passcode
b. With time limit access: unlock the door during the specified date and time frame
c. With agenda access: unlock the door during the assigned time frame of the preset dates
- One Time Code User: unlock the door for one-time access
What if I forget my master code?
Please remember your master code or have it written somewhere safe. BeeSecure does not store any user passcode. In case you forgot your master code, you can add a new master code from the app
The battery of my BEE-LOCK P1 ran out, can I still open it?
You can replace the batteries of the lock from the external knob. After replacing the batteries , you will not lose any user data.
Does the BEE-LOCK P1 fit my door?
BeeSecure smart lock BEE-LOCK P1 fits all Euro profile from door thickness from 60mm-120mm...
Installation Requirement
Choose the Right Size for your door
BeeSecure BEE-LOCK P1 offers four different length, and extendable for both internal and external side...
Measurement Guidance
How to install the BEE-LOCK P1
BeeSecure BEE-LOCK P1 is complete DIY lock that takes 5 mins without expertise and all tools are included in the pacakge...
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Activate your BEE-LOCK P1
First Activate your BeeSecure smart lock BEE-LOCK P1 by input the factory default code and then set up your master code...
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Code enabled, max. 200 users and strong Weather resistant IP64, SKG 2 start certificated, battery life more than 1 year (5000 times)..

User Management
Add up to 200 users of: Secondary/ regular users with permanent access, Temporary users (base time-limit and agenda ) and OTC users

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Open Mode
Enter your property without input the code once open mode is activated, saves battery and ideal for offices at opening hours...

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Use in Standalone
You can set up your BeeSecure BEE-LOCK P1 locally (without the hub ) to manage your users, activate/deactivate open mode...

My BEE-LOCK P1 appears offline for long time , what can I do?
  • Check if the hub is still online. If not , refer the answer of last question;
  • Check the lock message and if there were recent "Low Battery" reminders, replace your device battery;
  • Test your BEE-LOCK P1 and see if instant status message/notification will be triggered.If not, it indicates that the device is disconnected with hub, follow the steps to pair with the device and hub again.
I failed to add new user, what should I do?
Check if your network is stable and try again
I cannot see the code I created for the users.
For Security reason , you can not retrieve the code again after creation. You can share the code with user via whatsapp, email, sms... Keep that secure and confidentially. The worst case if you both forgot the code, you can create a new code via the app. Each user can have max. 5 passcodes.
I assigned a Time-Limit User for my airbnb guest, but he wants to change his check-in/out time
You can edit the valid access period or assigned agenda date and time anytime via the app and re-share with your guest the new assigned time slot via sms, email, WhatsApp...
    I reset my lock and all my lock data are gone.
    All user data are stored locally at the lock for security reason. Once the lock is reset to factory mode, all user data will be gone. If you need to relocate the lock or lost the connection between the lock and hub, you can delete the lock from the app and pair with hub follow the same steps , then all user data will remain
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