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Do I have to buy BEE-HUB to use the motion sensor ?
I don't always receive notifications when passing in front of the motion sensor , why?
The motion sensor will trigger the alarm every 2 minutes to avoid constantly sending notifications regarding the same action
Can I use the motion sensor outdoors?
No. BEE-MS is for indoor use only
Where should I place the motion sensor?
It is suggested to install the motion sensor at 2 meters high from the ground at the corner to detect the widest range of the room
What if someone rip off the motion sensor , will I still receive the notification?
You will receive instant notification and tell that there is a violent dissemble ongoing.


Activate the Battery
Open the back cover of the motion sensor and remove the insulating sheet between the battery and metallic blad...
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Mounting Location
It is recommended to install the motion sensor at 1.8 -2.1 meters above the ground for the best performance.

Mounting Instructions


Operated by DC 3V (CR123a), wireless installation and ZigBee..

You will be notified when large motion (>25kg) is detected , or violent dissemble is detected, battery low (<20%)...

If someone attempts to rip off the sensor from the base, the app will notify you


My BEE-MS appears offline for long time , what can I do?
  • Ensure that the distance between the motion sensor and hub is within the communication range (20meters , depending on working environment)
  • Check if the hub is still online. If not , refer the answer of last question;
  • Check the device message and if there were recent "Low Battery" reminders, replace your device battery;
I cannot set up the pet-friendly level?
No. The pet-friendly level is set as 25 kg . Carry our multiple test to find out the best installation location and angle.
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