Most Frequently Asked Questions about BEE-REPEATER

How do I know if I need to use a repeater?
The function of the repeater is to amplify the transmission signal. When you have multi-floor building or many interference between devices, you can use repeater in between the devices and the hub.
How far can the repeater extend the communication range?
In general, the repeater can double the communication range, that means 40 meters in total between the devices and the hub. However, it depends on the operation environment. This data can vary if you have too many high functioning devices near the BeeSecure devices or too many interference in between.
Do I need to operate the repeater if I want to add devices through the repeater?
No. The steps to add devices remain the same , you only need to operate on the hub and the device. The LED light of repeater will synchronize with the hub while adding a new device.
Can I switch off the LED light of the repeater after connected?
Yes. When the repeater is connected (LED light constant blue), you can single press the led to switch it off.

Installation & Features

Pair Repeater with the Hub
Press the hub ONCE , then long press the LED button at the repeater for more than 10s to pair the repeater with hub...
Read Guidance
It is recommended to install the motion sensor at 1.8 -2.1 meters above the ground for the best performance.

BEE-REPEATER doubles the communication range between hub and devices , and increased the hub connecting device from 16->32
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