How Secure is BeeSecure Smart Lock ?

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So it’s a legitimate question to ask, “Are Smart Locks safe?” Yes , It Is! In this article, we will provide solid arguments for the security aspects from local communication, external communication , app security and data privacy of BeeSecure Smart lock BEE-LOCK P1. In conclusion, any smart lock system will probably not increases the overall security when you have a physical key ( lost your key, get locked or constantly replicate and exchange your key for other perople). In practice, the “human factor” +a reliable technology+ secured cylinder can bring many convenience and peace of mind:)

Local Communication

The communication between the BEE-HUB and BeeSecure smart devices is based on ZigBee protocol, a symmetric AES encryption as offered by some online banks to protect the communication.
Below is the comparison among 3 mostly adopted technologies in Smart Home, namely BT, Wi-Fi and ZigBee:

In short, the typical benefits of ZigBee communication includes :
·Support for multiple network topologies such as point-to-point, point-to-multipoint and mesh networks
· Low duty cycle – provides long battery life
· Low latency
· Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS)
· Up to 65,000 nodes per network
· 128-bit AES encryption for secure data connections
· Collision avoidance, retries and acknowledgements
Therefore, ZigBee is widely adopted in IoT(Internet of Things), smart home, security, wireless sensor network… BEE-HUB provides enhanced protection anti-replay attacks.

External Communication

Own deployed cloud solution in Ireland and Frankfurt (Germany). Comply with GDPR, all user data are not shared with any third parties and remains within EU. Partner with AWS, the best practice in the industry to ensure the best performance, most secure and reliable operation.

The BeeSecure app and cloud does not store any passcodes of BeeSecure smart devices. The passcode transmission adopts enhanced AES algorithm for secondary encryption to ensure the irreversibility and reliability.

BeeSecure App Security

HTTPS security protocols is used for BeeSecure user login to prevent crucial data visible to third party, and the number of login attempts is restricted. The rest of data are transmitted via AES encrypted transmission based on MQTT and http.

Data Privacy

BeeSecure service and products is full compliance with GDPR, no user privacy data is collected. The BeeSecure smart devices only transmits required devices status data. The data is encrypted and stored and protected using AWS security algorithms and firewalls.
All crucial data, for example, the passcodes of BeeSecure smart lock BEE-LOCK P1 are only stored at the lock locally.

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