Smart Hosting with BeeSecure for Your Rental Apartment

Rentals United surveyed nearly 1,000 people, with more than half located in Europe. “The majority of property managers (76%) use additional tech solutions. The most popular are payment providers (51%), accounting tools (40%) and keyless entry solutions (33%).”

The perks of keyless/smart lock solution go beyond convenience. On the one hand, it gives you, as a rental property/airbnb owner 24/7 peace of mind that you have total control over your property from anywhere, anytime. On the other hand, your guest can fully enjoy a private holiday space that may convert that guest a potential return guest.

"The demand for tech innovation in the short-term rental industry continues."

James Burrows, CEO of Rentals United Tweet

Of course , it costs when you decides to replace an existing deadbolt with new smart lock. However, considering investing in the right technology and a happy customer can set you up to be more profitable in the long term. The BeeSecure Smart Lock BEE-LOCK P1 is at a very affordable price and DIY friendly design, which takes you 5 minutes of installation with all required tools included in the package. The smart lock integrates with an extendable length of cylinder to meet different door thickness and a key pad at the external knob, which means no extra cost for additional accessories. No monthly service fee!

smart lock

Self Check-in/ Out

In stead of clear your agenda to exchange physical key and waiting for your guest arrival on site, a smart lock enables you to manage and customize access to your property and prevent potential inconvenience, like a delayed check-in or lost keys.

BeeSecure Code Enabled smart lock BEE-LOCK P1 offers an incredible easy solution to create a temporary access for your guests and modify the access period at anytime. Not all of your guests are going to be tech-savvy. With the BEE-LOCK P1 , no need to give extra instructions for your guests. They don’t even have to download the app or using roaming data to unlock. Simply share the entry code with your guest via email, sms or WhatsApp before their arrival. With BeeSecure app, you can access the unlimited entry log and know who comes and goes , and what time they come and go.

No Complications

Is there a leaking issue or heating system breakdown you need to address for your guest? The BeeSecure smart lock P1 allows you to create a One-Time-Code for the techinician to facillicate the repairs without having your guest to be around and accommodate any fixes, which is a huge time saver and friendly expierence. All user data is stored locally at the BeeSecure Smart Lock BEE-LOCK P1 , therefore issues like internet down or phone run out of battery are not relevant once the code is created. How about the batteries? The BeeSecure smart lock is operated at ZigBee communication protocol which has very low energy compusition. A typical service period of a set of 4 AAA batteries can lock and unlock 5,000 times and you get upfront notification whenever the batteries run below 20%. Worst scenario, you can always replace the batteries externally .

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