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You can use the smoke detector without the hub. But it is strongly suggested to use it with the hub to be aware of any potential fire risk on time.

You can remotely test your device by clicking “self-check ” from the app. The app will return the test results.

Yes. Go to the smoke detector page, a “Mute” button will be displayed when smoke is detected . You can manually mute the siren. The smoke detector siren will be on again if the smoke is still detected after 9 minutes when the mute is pressed

The notification/message will indicate you which battery of the smoke detector is running low. If it is from the ZigBee base, replace the batteries (CR14505). If it is from the smoke detector unit, replace with new detector as soon as possible

Check the status of your smoke detector at home page, if it appears offline, it means the communication range between the smoke detector and hub may fall out of range. Add BEE-REPEATER in between to extend the communication range between hub and each smoke detector


  • Ensure that the distance between the smoke detector and hub is within the communication range (20meters , depending on working enviroment)
  • Check if the hub is still online. If not , refer the answer of last question;
  • Check the device message and if there were recent “Detector Base:Low Battery” reminders, replace your device battery;

It happens most of time is the network failure. It does not mean that your device is malfunctioning, Try again.

After activate the base battery , you also need to prepare the smoke detector part. Please follow the instructions at : Installation->Activate BEE-SD carefully