Euro Profile Half Cylinder for Safes & Key Boxes/Key Cabinets


Why Choose

Bee-Lock P1 for key management

Smart Solution For Key Box Management

Ideal for spaces such as office buildings, schools or student accommodations. With BEE-LOCK P1-H, the administrator can grant access from a distance to all relevant persons to manage the key box. Highly secure for key storage and highly flexible for key access. BEE-LOCK P1-H enables max.200 users with mixed functionalities. 

Smart Access For Key Handover

Suitable for any service industries that require  key handover. For example, holiday houses, Airbnb and car key exchange. You can create codes remotely on BeeSecure App and easily share to your clients via email/SMS/WhatsApp. In this way, you will always bring a time-saving experience to your customers and thus improve the customer satisfaction.

car key exchange
p1-H on safe box

Smart Guardian For Your Safe Box

Install BEE-LOCK P1-H on your safe box to ensure an extra safety. 100% secure to guard your valuables. The Lock is SKG 2 Star rated against expert burglar attacks including wires, spark generators, drills and knives. It will automatically lock out after 6 times invalid passcode attempts. In the meanwhile, a push notification will be sent to your mobile phone. Always keep an eye on your safe box when away.

Your Smart Virtual key


DIY friendly

Easy installation without external tools or expertise. No drill or wiring


SKG 2 Star Rated

SKG certified against expert burglary attacks and strong weather resistant


instant notification

Tracking the real-time lock events to know who unlocks it at what time. You will also be notified with 6 times invalid passcode attempts.


Easy Code Sharing

Remote creation of code and easy sharing via sms/whatsapp...


Multi-Level User

Max 200 users with mixed administrative roles: secondary user, agenda user, time-limit user, single entry user. Customizable to your needs.

no wifi icon

Two Use Modes

Except the App Control Mode, BEE-LOCK P1-H also supports standalone mode, which is not required a BEE-HUB. The standalone mode is fit for properties with no Wi-Fi or poor Wi-Fi connection. With standalone mode, basic functions are applicable.

High Durability


 Opening Cycle


Battery Life

Two Use Modes

P1-H two use modes

Multi-User Level
via App control

Master user

Highest level with all operations including initialize or reset the lock, change passcodes, add/delete users, connect and disconnect the lock to the hub, turn on/off the open mode. Only one master user can be set for security reasons.

Secondary User

Secondary user usually serves as administrator in the system. Therefore, it has permanent access with most functionalities, e.g. add/change own passcodes, add/delete users, turn on/off open mode.

Regular user

There are two types of regular user: Regular with permanent access; Regular with Time-limit access and agenda access (customize multiple entries at a specified period/date and time.


Single entry access

screenshot of user management