Take Control Without Being Around

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Stay Tuned with What's Happening

Receive an instant notification whenever the alarm is triggered and take immediate actions! View whether your window is closed properly and who entered your door at what time , leave your house with a peace of mind!

Take Control without being Around

All you need to do is set up a scheduled task to arm your devices to meet your daily routine, the rest you can trust BeeSecure to do its job. Decide who are welcome to your office, house or rental apartment at what time, and who are not!

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View the status of all devices at a glance

On the home page, you can quickly view whether your devices are working properly. An orange alert will occur when your device detects a potential risk which requires your immediate action.

View the status of all devices at a glance

Group Function

Add your BeeSecure devices into a group and customise the group task to control all devices by one click.

Set task details: 9:00-18:00, repeat the task on every weekdays.

Active the task to stay in tuned with what’s happening at your home when you go to work.

At 18:00 when you return home, disarm the task by one-click so that you will not be bothered by the push notifications any more.

Share Your Devices

Co-Manage With Your Trust Ones

new share

Share the BeeSecure devices with  your partner/colleagues/friends to co-manage with them. 

All actions operated by the master or shared user will be recorded in the device message log and synchronized for all users.

share your device with your partner

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