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Yes, you can invite your trusted ones to co-manage your devices by sharing with them your devices. They need to register a separate BeeSecure account

Yes, you will keep receiving notifications unless you manually log out your account from General Settings.

Normally, your smartphone operating system will automatically kill the idle app when it is not in use for a while. After the kill, anyone who tries to log in your account again, will be requested to input your login information. You can also login your account from another device, it will automatically log you out from the lost phone

No. You will be automatically logged out when you log in your account from a new device.

Currently, BeeSecure App is only available for smartphones (iOS/Android). We are planning to release the web version soon.


Check your junk mail. If you still don’t find the system email with verification code, click get again to try.

At the login page, click Forgot Password. Follow the instructions to reset your password.


No. The system will stop sending push notifications about the devices, but all device status will be recorded in the message log.

No. BeeSecure will only send device notification status with higher importance, which expects an action. For example, low battery, the smart lock is blocked due to 6 times invalid passcode attempts etc… However, you can view the complete status log from Message page


Yes, you can send up to 20 share requests.

Yes, by sharing the group with a specific user. You will share all devices within the group to that user. The user can co-manage each device and with one click they can arm/disarm your group. Any modification you do to the group will be synchronized to the shared user as well.

All actions operated by the master or shared user will be recorded in the device message log and visible for all users. You will receive a notification if someone disarms the device.


  1. First check if the Wi-Fi works normally.
  2. If flashback occurs, try to restart the App and login. Check the version number in General settings, make sure you have updated to the latest version. If flashback still occurs after doing so, it may be a mobile phone compatibility problem. You need to check the Android version number on the phone, as well as the phone brand.
  3. Check whether the Wi-Fi network has a domain name and port whitelist restrictions.
  1. Check whether the hub and device are online.
  2. Check whether the network works normally.
  3. Operate the device to see if it reports data normally.
  1. On the device page, check whether the alarm is switched off. In the Off status, all alarm messages cannot be received by the user.
  2. Check whether the hub and device are online.
  3. Check whether the network works normally.
  4. Operate the device to see if it reports data normally. If no data is displayed, it may be that the ZigBee communication between the device and the hub is disconnected.